I have worked in a vast array of spaces and have obtained quite a bit of experience over my life. I have been employed in my younger years through various industries where I gained heavy administrative and office skills, as well as experience in customer service or client relations.

Most every person is familiar with a computer these days and I am no different. I cannot say that I am quite as much of a Geek as my kids and their generation, but I have been working on a computer since I was in Junior High School (unfortunately that has been a few decades ago).

I am a people person by nature, so I interact with most anyone pretty well. I also have a good amount of experience being self-employed and have gained so much wisdom and knowledge, of business management, development, and operations. I have always been artistic and creative whether drawing, writing, or designing visual tools. Through the years I have helped create many types of marketing plans, developed various sales tools to use in marketing, and created many marketing pieces that have helped me get much more marketing skills in general.

Many of the skills I have is just from living life, like listening, communicating clearly, and utilizing the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control).

The most challenging job, that of being a mother, has equipped me with even more skills that I cannot list concisely here. I would say I have a well-rounded tool chest of skills that I have collected throughout the years for sure.